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oxygen absorber (also called oxygen scavenger) with special formula of customizable capacity, used for controlled atmosphere packaging and storage

 With the ability of O2, CO2, and ethylene scavenging, as well as adjustable ratio of O2/CO2 elimination capacity, it can be used to modify the percentage of O2 and CO2 in a controlled atmosphere storage environment. The capacity can be customized for the best result according to the specific need of fruits or vegetables preserved.

1. Fruits and vegetables, such as high moisture red jujube, garlic, sugarcane, etc.
2. Coffee, such as instant coffee, coffee bean, etc.

None-iron based oxygen absorber (also called oxygen scavenger) with the ability to release CO2
With the absorption of O2, this product could release an equivalent volume of CO2or other non-toxic sterilizing gas if desired. It can effectively restrain aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria, yeast, etc. By replacing the removed free-O2 with CO2, the released gas also balance the air pressure in and out of the sealed package. Therefore prevent the further penetration of oxygen in the package, it prevents the shrinking or collapsing of the package with a flexible wall.

1. Dried sliced meat and fish, dried squid, Chinese moon cake, pasty, snacks, leisure food, dehydrated fruits and vegetables.
2. Microwave-friendly food package.
3. Food packages that are subject to buckling or collapsing when applies oxygen absorber (also called oxygen scavenger).

"Fresh-Guard"tm Anti-Mold:

This product is made of alcohol-powered anti-mold agent, packed in water- and oil-proof sachets. It can gradually absorb moisture in an airtight container and release alcohol gas, which prevent the growth of mold and maintain the freshness of the sealed foodstuff.

Application: Rice cake, pasty, pasty, dried sea-food product, cake, etc.


"Fresh-Guard"tm Desiccant:
Packed in tissue paper or paper/plastic film sachet, it is highly efficient of eliminating moisture from the environment in an airtight container. It is applied mainly to prevent the development of moth. Its capacity of moisture absorption can reach approximately 40% of its weight, which is 1.3 times of that of quick lime, 2.7 times of that of silica gel.

Application: Moisture-proof of instruments, leather, films, antique, clothing. Dried food, such as rice cake, sunflower seed, snacks, etc.


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