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OxyFree (TM) 504 Series:

"OxyFree 504" series products are the alternative names of 504 diabsorber series products ("504" in short), with the common functions of O2 and CO2 scavenging. These products are in general called oxygen absorber (also called oxygen scavenger)

Products of the series are differentiated on:
1. Best application range of Aw, water activity value of targeted subject.
2. Capacity of moisture elimination.
3. Ratio of the absorption capacity of oxygen vs. carbon dioxide.
4. The ability of balancing air pressure in a package during O2 and CO2 scavenging.

With a high ability of eliminating the free-O2, CO2, SO2, H2S and moisture in a sealed container, "504" will achieve a oxygen and carbon dioxide free environment around the sealed foodstuffs or other subjects. Therefore the development of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms, mold, moth, oxidation, rancidity, discoloration, and corrosion will be prevented. Food freshness, original taste and flavor, original nutrition and the original quality will be well preserved.

The benefit of the application of "504" will extend food shelf-life, make it possible to adopt a cost-saving packaging or/and transportation method of foodstuffs, and may help the expand into new markets for the applied food. If applied in non-food goods, it can prolong the preservation period of films, instruments, clothing, antique, etc.

Specifications Nominal oxygen capacity (ml) Nominal air capacity (ml) Dimension of absorber packet (mm) Number per Casing Package Availability
Sxj-30 30 150 ~30x40 6000(30x200) Four types, 504A, 504B, 504C, and 504E are readily available. 504D, the adjustable formula on O2/CO2 capacity ratio, will be customized based on the customer's specification.
Sxj-50 50 250 ~35x40 5000(25x200)
Sxj-100 100 500 ~35x54 2500(25x100)
Sxj-200 200 1000 ~50x60 1500(30x50)
Sxj-300 300 1500 ~50x70 1000(20x50)

1.The choice of which specification of "504" to order depends on the oxygen volume of the free space (the space not occupied by the food/goods) in a container or package. And O2 counts roughly one fifth of air volume. For example, if the free space of air is 500 ml, it contains 100 ml of O2. Therefore a Sxj-100 "504" packet will be proper to apply.
2. The formula for a preliminary estimation of oxygen volume in a container: Oxygen volume (ml) = (container volume (ml) - contained foodstuff/goods volume (ml)) x 20% =~ (Length(cm)xWidth(cm)xHeigth(cm)-Weight of food/goods (g))x20%

Five Characteristics of "504" Diabsorber

1. Multiple scavenging ability distinguished itself from its competitors' "oxygen-only scavenger". It prevents the fermenting effect caused by the growth of anaerobia in a oxygen-free environment created by the oxygen absorption.
2. The unique feature of accelerated oxygen scavenging makes the oxygen-free achievement faster and more thorough, as well as the increased tolerance to the abuse of exposure to open air before it is sealed with food/goods.
3. Better total capacity of oxygen absorption. The capacity per "504" packet is 1.4-1.6 times of the similar unit of its competitors.
4. As the only product domestically, each "504" product package comes along with a "Oxygen Indicator" to help our customers optically identify the effectiveness of the products.
5. Less capacity loss during stocking period.

Oxygen Indicator

Effects of O2, CO2, Aw upon the Preservation of Foodstuffs

O2 is one key element for the survival of aerobe and the source causing oxidative deterioration. Without oxygen, foodstuff won't be oxidized, fungi and other bacteria won't grow, and moth can not survive.

CO2 is a vitally important factor for the growth of yeast and other anaerobia, which could be one major reason causing the foodstuff deterioration in a oxygen-free environment. The growth of yeast and other anaerobia stimulated by the presence of CO2 and O2-free condition will speed up the foodstuff deterioration. In the case of preserving high moisture and oily Chinese moon cake, the elimination of O2 and CO2 is very critical.

Water Activity, Aw, is also an important factor of affecting the growth of microbe. It is also a major concern in the food preservation, especially in the aspect of mold prevention.




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