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      Tianhua Tech is the leader in the industry of oxygen-absorption packaging, a food and goods preservation solution, in China. We specialized in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of our patented flag-ship product "504 diabsorber"®, a oxygen and carbon dioxide absorber.

     Fifteen years ago, Tianhua Tech, pioneered the oxygen absorption packaging solution in China. We had introduced the first- and second-generation of oxygen absorber (also called oxygen scavenger) into the domestic market. In addition, we invented the patented general-purpose "504 diabsorber"®, the first of its kind in the world. With the additional capacity of CO2 scavenging, it shows the advantage over its competitors of "O2-only absorber", such as AGELESSTM, on preventing fermenting effect by suppressing the growth of anaerobic microorganisms in a oxygen-free environment during its application. It also has a much wider variety of applicable foodstuff by exceeding the previous limitation on preserving food with high moisture. The rate of oxygen scavenging is much faster than its previous domestic and international competitors as well. In fact, its rate is the fastest in the market.

     Tianhua Tech also innovated the industry by first introducing the "504 diabsorber packet" with three-layer compound oil-proof packaging technology several years ago. With three patents of invention and over fifteen years of experience, we have well established our foundation of being the leading supplier of the solution in China.

     Currently, Tianhua Tech offers a verity lines of products called "504 Diabsorber Series" to meet the variety demands from the market. Being the first product on successfully preserving additive-free Chinese moon cake by extending its shelf life more than twenty times, "504 diabsorber"® has established its reputation of reliable quality, excellent performance and remarkable effects in the domestic market. Hundred of millions of kilogram of additive-free Chinese moon cake have been successfully preserved in the past years in domestic market.

      The consistent and high quality of our products, their leading performance and our excellent customer services have been appreciated greatly by numerous food manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Presently, our leading solution has been well penetrated in the domestic market and has been recognized by the market of Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other regions.

      With "Customer-centered" in the mind, Tianhua Tech commits to supply the best solution and service to the needs of our customers, domestically and internationally.

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